Southeast Asia Cultural Event (SEACE) 2017 is a one day cultural event highlighting culture and cuisine from various Southeast Asian countries. With the theme of “One vision in cultural sustainability”, we embrace both traditional and modern culture. This event will give you a glimpse of the cultural identity and diversity of Southeast Asian countries through art performances and culinary festival.

this event is presented by The Indonesian Student Association in Nijmegen (PPI Nijmegen) in collaboration with other Southeast Asian communities in The Netherlands such as Malaysia Association, Thailand Association, Vietnam Association and Philippine Association.

Ticket Information:
This ONE-DAY event will be separated in two parts:
Part I started at 11.15 (general 7 euro; student 5 euro)
Part II started at 15.30(general 7 euro; student 5 euro)
Whole-day started at 11.15 (general 10 euro; student 7 euro)